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At Houston Property Tax Assistance, we help owners pay their property taxes. If you are interested in us paying all of your property taxes and giving you extra cash, please fill out the form below.

Help is On The Way

HPTA offers homeowners a property tax loan that makes paying off their delinquent property taxes easy and affordable. If you have any questions about the process, including how it works, don’t hesitate to call for a No Obligation consultation. We provide many solutions to those in need.  If the property taxes on your home are delinquent, HPTA can provide you with a loan that stops all interest, penalties, and legal fees, and pays off the taxing authority. Contact us today by filling out the form below for a FREE consultation.

Flexible Programs

Some of our programs include payment of taxes owed, loans, buy and lease back options, and straight cash offers for homeowners that just want to sell. Do not let your home go to auction, let us help! There are always circumstances beyond our control—you can try as hard as you can to be diligent about your property taxes, but it’s not always possible. We do our best to help homeowners in tough situations.  Reach out for assistance and we can determine the best solution for you, regardless of the situation.

Tell The Auction NO!

We are here to help in any way that we can! We are specialists in tax delinquent real estate matters that are based in Texas!  Regardless of the situation, at HPTA we understand circumstances out of our control happen! We work directly with homeowners to pay their delinquent tax bills and save them from losing their homes at tax auction, if possible. Our goal is to help all homeowners.

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